Dare to Love Yourself and Take Back Your Life!

Introducing a life-changing 2-Part CD set that is designed to be your resource for finding peace and happiness in your life. This unique resource will help you move from pain, frustration, and overwhelm to happiness, harmony, and joy.

This Game-Changing CD Set Includes:

Music - The songs on this CD set were specifically written to promote emotional release and to provide hope and healing. Click here to listen to samples:

        "This Too Shall Pass"

        "Make Room"

        "Expect the Unexpected"

Meditations - The mediations on this 2-Part CD set were developed to be a tool for you to learn how to interact lovingly in challenging relationships, such as with your child or another adult in your life. Learn to distance yourself from other people's negativity and stop being a slave to your intense and negative emotions.

        "Meditation for Regulation"

Affirmations - Move to a new level and change your negative thinking to positive thinking. Take control over your thoughts and stop the critical tapes running in your head. This CD set includes four powerful affirmations to give you the abililty to create a new reality within your own mind.

        "Affirmation for Validation"

        "Affirmational Phrases"

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Here's to a Happy You!

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